Supernatural: Introduction

What we don’t know about the supernatural can hurt us. What we don’t know about the supernatural can also lead us to miss out on some great things that God wants us to experience.

The Bible is very clear that there is the supernatural. We are not suppose to even dabble in it. But we are to eagerly seek after the supernatural that God provides us.

There is a fascination and belief in the supernatural throughout history. At the same time we see things that once were considered to be supernatural that we now know is just natural.

We have to be careful, very careful when we look at the supernatural.

Three mistakes

  1. Those who chase after the dark supernatual. Deut 18:10-13. The devil uses it to tear us down.
  2. Those who seek the power of God for their own desires and not for the right motives. James 4:2-3
  3. There are those who just don’t believe in the supernatural at all.
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