Supernatural: Aliens and Strangers

This week we began our journey in looking at the supernatural. The focus was on how we are aliens and strangers to this world. We are a part of a greater supernatural world so we are aliens and strangers in this land.

John 15:19
We are supernatual beings created to live forever.

If we don’t understand that we are eternal beings just visiting this world:
We loose the reason for existence.
We chase after everything this world offers but remain empty because we miss out on the eternal.

Hebrews 11:13-16 they did not receive everything that was promised but saw them from afar off. They acknowledged that they were aliens and strangers in this world. They knew they were there for a reason.

We are being tested by God to see if we will seek him and obey or pursue the things of this world.

James 1:12. God blesses those who endure the testing.

There is also an assignment. We are to share our relationship with God with others. We are God’s ambassadors.

1 Peter 2:11. The world is not my home.

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