Miracles: Get Up

Main passage is Luke 8:40-56. We are challenged to believe that God can do all things, including raising people from the dead. More importantly, we are challenged to live in faith like no one else so we can live like no one else.

The solution isn’t prayer, it is faith. John 11:25-26 Do we really believe?

When do we panic? Why do we get fearful? And what do we do when we panic?

We spend our lives trying to protect what we have. We are afraid of life. But living in fear is a lack of faith that Jesus is in control.

Main 3 Points:

1. Don’t be afraid.

Just have faith. Luke 8 There is always hope.

Faith is what you have when there is no hope.

Phil 1:21 life never ends. No fear. You can’t loose.

2. Stop weeping!

They could only focus on what is lost.

God is not done. Life never ends. Learning from the past is a good use of time. Living in the past is a waste of time.

3. Get Up!

God says to us to get up. When we put our faith in Christ nothing can keep us down. It’s not live like there is no tomorrow but live for eternity. God calls us to get up and just do it.

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