Change of Pace

I am going to change thing up with regards to my It’s Monday series which has the intent of try­ing to respond to the Sunday ser­mon. I have been look­ing at what I have done, at the past three weeks of ser­mon notes which I hadn’t post­ed or made a response to. I real­ize that I was get­ting to the lev­el of just repeat­ing what the ser­mon said and not real­ly respond­ing. As such, things are going to change a bit.

First, I am cre­at­ing new cat­e­go­ry under Bible which will be for my ser­mon notes. They may or may not have any com­ments from me at all. They are there for me to look at, to rumi­nate, and maybe respond at some oth­er time. When I do respond to the ser­mon notes, I will do so in the Its Monday sec­tion and refer to the ser­mon notes in its post.

Second, I am going to attempt to get back to writ­ing out some Bible stud­ies. In some cas­es the stud­ies will be a more in depth look at top­ics that I am cov­er­ing  for Flatland Church online stud­ies that sup­ple­ment the ser­mon series being preached at Flatland. In oth­er cas­es, they will sim­ply be a top­ic or book study I am inter­est­ed in.

Third, I am not going to feel guilty about not post­ing any­thing or post­ing an Its Monday post on a dif­fer­ent day of the week. I think this was iron­i­cal­ly stop­ping me from post­ing any­thing. I would get all worked up because I hadn’t post­ed any­thing and then not be able to write any­thing or say, I can’t write any­thing now because its Tuesday. Silly me.

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One thought on “Change of Pace

  1. Bonnie

    I like your “super­nat­ur­al” arti­cle. I believe in the super­nat­ur­al and that God does super­nat­ur­al inter­ven­tion to assist us. However, I have nev­er under­stood how some peo­ple have dif­fi­cul­ty in just hav­ing faith and they seem to need to “see” things with nat­ur­al eyes to tru­ly know that God is there. I have seen the super­nat­ur­al i.e. the frozen sew­er unplug­ging when I was sick and prayed. I could feel the super­nat­ur­al warmth of the Holy Spirit flow­ing down my body to thaw it. I believe in super­nat­ur­al mir­a­cles. However, the next time it was frozen, I was able to fix it — I was not ill. I didn’t expect to have the super­nat­ur­al inter­ven­tion every time. I don’t think that was a lack of faith. God is not a genie — He is God! He can do all things! Faith is the sub­stance of things not seen!

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