Change of Pace

I am going to change thing up with regards to my It’s Monday series which has the intent of trying to respond to the Sunday sermon. I have been looking at what I have done, at the past three weeks of sermon notes which I hadn’t posted or made a response to. I realize that I was getting to the level of just repeating what the sermon said and not really responding. As such, things are going to change a bit.

First, I am creating new category under Bible which will be for my sermon notes. They may or may not have any comments from me at all. They are there for me to look at, to ruminate, and maybe respond at some other time. When I do respond to the sermon notes, I will do so in the Its Monday section and refer to the sermon notes in its post.

Second, I am going to attempt to get back to writing out some Bible studies. In some cases the studies will be a more in depth look at topics that I am covering  for Flatland Church online studies that supplement the sermon series being preached at Flatland. In other cases, they will simply be a topic or book study I am interested in.

Third, I am not going to feel guilty about not posting anything or posting an Its Monday post on a different day of the week. I think this was ironically stopping me from posting anything. I would get all worked up because I hadn’t posted anything and then not be able to write anything or say, I can’t write anything now because its Tuesday. Silly me.

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One thought on “Change of Pace

  1. Bonnie

    I like your “supernatural” article. I believe in the supernatural and that God does supernatural intervention to assist us. However, I have never understood how some people have difficulty in just having faith and they seem to need to “see” things with natural eyes to truly know that God is there. I have seen the supernatural i.e. the frozen sewer unplugging when I was sick and prayed. I could feel the supernatural warmth of the Holy Spirit flowing down my body to thaw it. I believe in supernatural miracles. However, the next time it was frozen, I was able to fix it – I was not ill. I didn’t expect to have the supernatural intervention every time. I don’t think that was a lack of faith. God is not a genie – He is God! He can do all things! Faith is the substance of things not seen!

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