Mother’s Day

We visited my church-chairmother’s new/old church on mother’s day. She recently moved back to the town she grew up in and of course went to the same church she went to as a child. I have a great mother and am so thankful for her. It was great to be with her on Mother’s Day. I have learned so much from her and although I can’t blame her for my failures, she can certainly take credit for any victories I have had.

Her church is a new church in that most of the people that attended it when she was a child are no longer there. It isn’t even in the same building or location that I used to visit with my grandparents. However, there are a few people there that she knows, enough that I am guessing she feels right at home and it isn’t really a “new” church.

In some ways it is still the same church even for me although I certainly don’t remember anyone from when I went there as a child. All local churches are all a part of the one Church, the Body of Christ. It should not matter what local manifestation of the Body we attend, we are home.

We can visit church after church and see many different personalities of churches. Even the same church will change over time. But as long as the people of a church seek to have a personal relationship with God and to pass it along to others we can go to any of those churches and find a home.

Now that isn’t to say that we will feel comfortable at every church. Just as everyone has their own personality, so do local churches. We will normally find certain churches more like that comfy chair that we can sit in and just feel great. And the comfy chair I like may very well be a horribly uncomfortable chair for someone else. That doesn’t make one better than the other.

We need to find a church that we are comfortable in.. but not necessarily too comfortable. Our church should always challenge us, move us to new areas in our relationship with God and in our relationships with others. Our churches should challenge us to get out of our comfy chair and into the world, to rescue the lost and minister to the needy.

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