God’s Assistance: Gideon

Yesterday’s sermon has me still pondering, contemplating, and waiting for God to speak clearly to me. So I really don’t have much to say today. I will post my sermon notes as I took them on my iPhone (using the WordPress App which is becoming a well rounded blogging tool).

The Israelites are surrounded by oppressive enemies. And God chooses the weakest person in the weakest tribe of Israel to rescue them. God assisted the Israelites in a totally different and unexpected way. First, God expected Gideon to do most of the work. God did the miraculous parts that Gideon couldn’t do. But we must be willing to do our part.

1 God will be with you – Judges 6:11-12. What would God call you? God has a lot bigger plan a for us than what we do. Instead of rejecting the call of God Gideon drew closer to God. Sometimes it may feel awkward. It can also be hard. Get rid of idols. Let Him come close.

2. God will build our faith. At Gideon’s weakest point God called him Mighty warrior. Fleeces, enemy camp incident. But at some point you have to take that step of faith. God will keep building your faith as we persue Him.

3. God will tell you what to do and come to your aid as you obey. Go in the strength you have. Don’t rely on what you have rely on God. What God tells us to do may not be easy, it may be very hard. But obeying results in God’s assistance.

To hear God: read the Bible, pray, and listen to God as you pray, seek guidance from other Christians, pastors.

Pastor Bart challenged us with a lot. The most important challenge was to listen to God. What is God calling us to overcome? What enemy do we face that we may even be hiding from like Gideon was hiding from the Mideonites?

Right now, I just don’t know. I feel… without direction, without a God given directive, without purpose. And so my desire this week is to listen for God’s voice.

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