Dive In: Get on the Board

We are start­ing a new series at Flatland called Dive In. divein-3We will be read­ing through the book of Luke, fol­low­ing Jesus as he teach­es his fol­low­ers to be more than just a fol­low­er, to become a dis­ci­ple, then on to car­ry­ing out His min­istry to oth­ers. It is a call to all of us. We are all called to stop just hang­ing out and start doing things for Christ.

And now, a brief look at Pastor Bart’s ser­mon as writ­ten on my iPhone (using the real cool WordPress app).

It is hard to get on the board. It is scary to do it the first time.

The world is a swim­ming pool full of drown­ing peo­ple. Jesus calls all of us to dive in and res­cue the per­ish­ing.

This ser­mon series will take us through the steps Jesus took his dis­ci­ples to get them to the point they were total­ly and whol­ly com­mit­ted.

To get on the board we first have to let Jesus in. Jesus comes to where we are. He doesn’t wait for us to come to him! When we let Jesus in amaz­ing things hap­pen.

We don’t just let him in one time. It is a on going rela­tion­ship where we need to keep the doors open. We need to let Him into all the rooms of our life, not keep some part away from God. This is the first step of get­ting on the board.

The sec­ond step of get­ting on to the board is to believe Jesus. Not just believe in Him but to believe Him, that He calls us in some sort of min­istry. That He calls us into a rela­tion­ship with Him that results in us want­i­ng to get oth­ers to have that same rela­tion­ship.

Jesus can do amaz­ing things when we trust him and step out on to the board.

The third step of get­ting on the board is to watch Christ, how he does it. He doesn’t expect us to just get on the board with­out first show­ing us how.

How do we do that when He is not with us phys­i­cal­ly? By watch­ing those who are already are active in min­istry, every­thing from our pas­tors to the per­son that helps clean up the church after a ser­vice.

Confession: my issue is not believ­ing Jesus, that He can do all things. I know He can do all things. I just don’t believe in myself or to say it dif­fer­ent­ly I believe I will even­tu­al­ly fail Christ.

I am afraid to get on the board because I feel that no mat­ter how much I try or how much I believe I will even­tu­al­ly do some­thing stu­pid, hit a wet patch on the board and slip or do a great big bel­ly flop.

Now I can hear some­one say­ing (me?) but by believ­ing you will fail you don’t real­ly believe Jesus. I guess that is a legit state­ment at one lev­el but let me explain my per­spec­tive and then you can slap me down.

Jesus isn’t going to force me to do any­thing — he relies on us to do His work. We are his hands, his feet, his voice. If we choose to not use those gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us, even if that choice is sim­ply a choice of not doing any­thing, we fail Him.

I get into a hor­ri­ble dog chas­ing tail sit­u­a­tion where I fear fail­ure so I fail to do any­thing which leads to more fear of fail­ure which leads to even more fail­ure to do any­thing.

This blog is one of those areas I real­ly strug­gle with in this area. When I fail to get some­thing post­ed… I atart chas­ing that fear of fail­ure tail. *Sigh*

I am tak­ing steps to over­come this. Prayer, talk­ing to oth­ers, and just doing some­thing even if I do fail. This results in my steps of faith, of get­ting on the  board which I am cer­tain­ly try­ing, even when I am aftraid of myself, of what I may end up doing. Because, I don’t want to fail God… but not doing any­thing is fail­ure in and of itself so, with God’s help, I will not fear the board. I will get on it.

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