Guest Speaker: the Power of Small Things

The mustard seed is very small. Yet it can grow twice as tall as a man. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is like that mustard seed. Great things can develop from very small actions. We should always be on the watch for those times when we can do the little things, doing it all for God. And now my sermon notes:

Sitting here waiting for service to start, really appreciate our musicians.

Today we have a guest speaker, Curt Harlow, who works with college students establish ministries at west coast state colleges and university, Chi Alpha.

Power of small things. Matt 13:31 mustard seed parable. Smallest things make the biggest difference.

The mustard plant was almost a weed in Israel during Jesus’ time. As such those listening to Jesus would have immediately understood.

Tiny momments of one to one interactions, of kindness and love make a difference.

Seeing the after. Look beyond the “geeky” silly or wrong. What do you see in others? Is it the now or their potential. We can help the smallest potential in someone blossom into a mighty man or woman of God.

Sending home. The birds come and perch. Home base theory: healthy children neither stay too close or stay away too long from home. A season of nurture and a season of kicking them out the door. Who is perching in your world?

Really simple message but one that we all too often do not turn into reality. In fact, we all too often do not start with ourselves in this message. We fall into the trap of thinking that we are too insignificant to make an impact, be it in our immediate circle of family and friends, our wider circle of acquaintances, and of course the world.

Jesus wants to start with us. He wants us to see that we can make an impact no matter how insignificant we may feel we are. That is the first step of planting mustard seeds, believing that we can.

Another message of the mustard seed is that it is an annual plant. It must be replanted every season. We have to remember to continually be out there planting. We need to be acting in kindness and love continually. We need to look for the potential in others and encourage it. We need to be a good place for people to perch. A place that people can go out and do ministry and come back to for refreshment, that constant renewal of replanting the mustard seed.

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