3 Ds of Discipleship

After Sunday’s ser­vice we had a meet­ing for small group lead­ers, with the guest speak­er for our ser­vices, Curt Harlow, as a guest speak­er for the group. This is a time for us as small group lead­ers to learn and sup­port each oth­er. He pre­sent­ed us with some tips for help­ing us with what our church calls Life Coaching, oth­er­wise known as dis­ci­ple­ship. I want­ed to write these down more for my own ben­e­fit but felt I would share them with you as well.

  1. Deliberate focus — choose who you will dis­ci­ple, don’t take a shot­gun approach
  2. Don’t be silent — when there is a void of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, fill it, espe­cial­ly when it is hard to do so.
  3. Direct con­tact —  per­son­al con­tact is impor­tant and mul­ti­ple times — Facebook and Twitter don’t count, hand­writ­ten notes do!
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