Dive In: Platform Diving

What kind of legacy are we building right now? That was the challenge we were presented Sunday. Will our spiritual legacy be one that is forgetable or will it be one that will last generations? We have been looking at diving into ministry. So we end with platform diving. And here are my sermon notes:

Platform diving is all about your legacy. What will we be remembered for? It is a combination of doing all the steps of diving in we have looked at.

Legacy is not about material things. Legacy is all about how much of you is left behind not stuff. How much of our life affected others. 1 Timothy 1:5. We want people to say to some one, “You look a lot like his/her spiritual life.”

To have a legacy
Live for others. Phil 2:4
Do it with all you have.

To platform dive, you will pay the price. You have to be devoted. Romans 12:11

When we get bored we can do stupid things. When we are spiritually bored, we do stupid things.

Be consistent Jude 1:23. Love people but don’t get contaminated. Have a consitent spiritual life. It isn’t always easy. It can be real hard at times to keep on the track and keep running.

Despite some mixed metaphors, diving in and running the race, the message is clear. We build up our legacy throughout our lives. As we serve others in ministry that legacy is built up. Sometimes slowly, sometimes dramatically. Sometimes we may fall down but it is all about how we deal even with those failures that helps build a legacy we would be proud of.’

Our lives are a race and how we run that race is how we build our legacy.  I am glad that ones legacy is not based on a short brief span, only a portion of our entire life. Rather, we are building up that legacy. Even if you feel like you don’t have any legacy to speak of now, or even have a negative one, living life for God to the fullest, serving Him and His people, that legacy can become one that you will be glad to pass down.

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