Dive In: Holding Your Breath

Well, I missed a couple Sundays for this series. Good stuff that I have missed. Fortunately, Pastor Jeff did a good job at summarizing what I missed. To sum up so far, this series is all about getting involved in some sort of ministry for Christ. It is a call to us to stop sitting like a bump on a stump in the church pews (or chairs) and get involved with the the life and family of the church that we attend.

First, my sermon notes:

First week, is to get on the board. Be willing to do some sort of ministry in the Church. The second week was “Bounce on the Board.” Do the simple things of ministry. The next week was the call to “Jump”, do things that make you stretch, take a chance. And then, this Sunday,  having jumped we are in the water holding our breath and it is time to panic – or at least that is what seems to happen at times..

Luke 23-23. The disciples up to this point think they are “in”. When Jesus becomes king, they would be the top dogs. But instead they find themselves followers of a man arrested, crucified, and buried. They suddenly found themselves underwater, disoriented, and panicked.

We too can get involved in ministry and it just doesn’t go right. We can get disoriented wondering what in the world is going on. We can become disillusioned, disappointed, and dejected. We can feel like giving up.

What do we need when we are underwater, holding our breath and not sure what to do.

  1. Trust our life vest. The Holy Spirit helps us when we are underwater and disoriented. John 14:26. We need to stop fighting it, relax and let the Holy Spirit move us in the right direction. Then we need to move with the Holy Spirit.
  2. Tread water. Once we get back to the surface, our natural reaction is to try to get out. In rapids, if you just stand up, you will simply get knocked back down and potentially drown. But if you stay in and tread water you can asses the situation and make the right decisions. We need to seek God’s will. Get help from a life coach.
  3. Finish the assignment. God’s plan A is the plan. We need finish it. We will want to give up. But when you persevere, you will feel great and know that the next time you face adversity God will take you through it. Acts 20:23-24. Finish the race.

This was quite possibly the best sermon mechanically I have heard Pastor Jeff preach. It was tight, focused, and kept our attention. I didn’t find my mind wandering, or trying to figure out what I was going to write for this blog post. Quite frankly, I still don’t know what to write. What is God speaking to me about here?

  1. I need to stop struggling with wondering what in the world God would have me do now. I need to trust in the Holy Spirit, that He will lead me in the direction He desires and then move in that direction.This struggling really does prevent us from hearing God. Thrashing about, jumping hither and thither can drown out the quite calm voice of the Spirit. It is time for me to take a few weeks and just listen. Spend time in prayer and meditation.
  2. Don’t swim to shore. It is so tempting to hide, avoid getting involved. But God calls us to stay in the stream of His call.  I must llet Him take me to where He wants me to go.
  3. I need to continue with what I know God has already put in front of me. Maybe more importantly, I need to get better focused on that work. I guess I am not driven by anything so I let things languish but God calls me to have zeal and determination. Again, this comes from prayer and meditation as much as anything.

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