Flatland Pics

Logo – where ever you are feeling dry, God will bring you refreshing. Last week we learned that God wants us to step into his rain of redemption and Flatland accepts people as they are.

But there are even more refreshing that God is willing to do. He wants to transform us. Pour out His rain on all parts of our lives. Eph 2:1-2 we were dead.

We can loose our passion for God. Sin in our lives can dry us up. But God wants to continually rain on us, to transform us into spiritual beings.

Transformation matrix.

Have we stepped out of God’s rain and are drying up?

Stepping into the rain. Parable of the sower. Matt 13.

We need to go deep into our relationship with God in order for our roots go deep that we may mot dry up. We need to practice the spiritual disciplines.

We need to follow God’s manual instead of trying to be spontaneous. Believe He has a plan and follow His will. God wants us to enjoy life and is passionate about giving great things BUT we must be passionate about Him first and foremost. He must be our focus our passion our love and when we do he will rain on us.

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