Trying Out FriendFeed Seriously

Just a quick note that, although I have had a FriendFeed account for a while, I final­ly decid­ed to get a bit seri­ous regard­ing using it. I am using the were­veal user name, no sur­prise. Since it is both a micro-blog and an aggre­ga­tor of oth­er feeds it real­ly does have some ben­e­fits over ser­vices like Twitter.

I have start­ed fol­low­ing some of the same peo­ple that I nor­mal­ly fol­lowed on Twitter and Pownce. Since it aggre­gates what they say on those feeds plus any oth­er feeds etc that they share through FriendFeed, I can just watch FriendFeed and see what they say on the oth­ers. I don’t even have to fol­low them on Twitter and the oth­ers to see what they say now if that is what I would want.

The com­ment­ing capa­bil­i­ties of FriendFeed is nice too. It has a nice com­mu­ni­ty feel that way. It was one of the rea­sons I real­ly like Pownce. I still feel that Pownce has the best poten­tial for busi­ness use of a Twitter-like app with its events, links, etc capa­bil­i­ties.

I also added sev­er­al addi­tion­al ser­vices to my FriendFeed such as GoogleReader, which I am start­ing to use more, I just now need to “share” more to get it fed into FriendFeed. What I find inter­est­ing about this is I can get a good aggre­ga­tion of what I have been say­ing on the net.

Anyway, just as I was real­ly loos­ing inter­est in Twitter again, I start look­ing at FriendFeed and may have dis­cov­ered a new addic­tion. Now if some­one could come up with a real­ly real­ly nice AIR app for FriendFeed. Playing with both feedal­izr and Alert Thingy. I think right now Alert Thingy is the one I am lean­ing toward but we shall see. Maybe it is AIR that I real­ly am strug­gling with, not sure.

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