Pownce Is Dead

Well. Got an e-mail today telling me that Pownce had been bought by Six-Apart, the guys that bring us MovableType and a com­pete­tor to Pownce, Vox. Six-Apart is killing off Pownce in favor of Vox. I am assum­ing that they bought Pownce in part to get a new infu­sion of peo­ple into Vox and get some pub­lic­i­ty for that prod­uct. Good for them… I guess.

I won’t be sign­ing up for a Vox account. In fact, I am pret­ty much done with the µBlogging scene except for a con­tin­u­ing inter­est in Laconi.ca. It seems to me that µBlogging requires a huge time invest­ment to get any­thing out of it, con­stant­ly read­ing all the “tweets.” Twitter lost me a long time ago because of the inor­di­nate amount of “noise” it pro­duced. Pownce at least had some inter­est­ing fea­tures such as the sched­ul­ing fea­ture.

I will still main­tain my oth­er twit­ter-like accounts includ­ing Twitter itself. I will most like­ly only vis­it FriendFeed and if I post any­thing, it prob­a­bly will only be on FriendFeed or maybe identi.ca Right now for me, try­ing to fol­low a bunch of tweets is like try­ing to fol­low the flight of gnats on a hot sum­mer evening at a ball game. You might be able to swat at a few but they even­tu­al­ly over­whelm you to the point you just want to scream.

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