Pownce Is Dead

Well. Got an e-mail today telling me that Pownce had been bought by Six-Apart, the guys that bring us MovableType and a competetor to Pownce, Vox. Six-Apart is killing off Pownce in favor of Vox. I am assuming that they bought Pownce in part to get a new infusion of people into Vox and get some publicity for that product. Good for them… I guess.

I won’t be signing up for a Vox account. In fact, I am pretty much done with the µBlogging scene except for a continuing interest in Laconi.ca. It seems to me that µBlogging requires a huge time investment to get anything out of it, constantly reading all the “tweets.” Twitter lost me a long time ago because of the inordinate amount of “noise” it produced. Pownce at least had some interesting features such as the scheduling feature.

I will still maintain my other twitter-like accounts including Twitter itself. I will most likely only visit FriendFeed and if I post anything, it probably will only be on FriendFeed or maybe identi.ca Right now for me, trying to follow a bunch of tweets is like trying to follow the flight of gnats on a hot summer evening at a ball game. You might be able to swat at a few but they eventually overwhelm you to the point you just want to scream.

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