New Toy

Well, I did what I didn’t think I would do, at least not as soon as I did. I bought an iPad. Joy and I just went on vacation (obvious from the pictures in previous post eh?) and we thought that it would be something good to have on the trip. Both Joy and i used it.

I do miss iOS4 on it and will be glad when that is finally released for the iPad. It turns out that it is actually some of the little things that I miss. Folders, the email client (single Inbox) and a couple other minor things. I suppose I do miss the “multitasking” too although I do have a tendency to quit most of the apps that are running in the background on my iPhone.

Occasionally I wished I had gone ahead and paid the extra for the 3G version so I would have had the assisted gps but my iPhone took care of those needs. It would have been nice to have had a gps app on the iPad that worked but from what I have read it wouldn’t have worked well any way.

I do like the way the WordPress app works (it is with which I am writing this). It is a lot easier to type on than the phone. Although the on screen keyboard isn’t as easy to touch type on as a real keyboard, I am getting used to it a bit. Kind of a four finger typing plus a thumb. But when doing something as long as this, I am glad I have the Apple Wireless Keyboard (bluetooth) which works great sitting here in my lap watching TV.

I also like several of the iPad specific apps that I have downloaded. Apple Pages works rather nice. iSSH works ok although it certainly is not my favorite way of doing ssh (the bluetooth keyboard for one is limited, things like the meta keys, tab completion, etc don’t work). And I could really get used to the Kindle and iBook apps. I could actually start reading books again since I can make the fonts big enough for me to read.

Anyhow, new toy is fun and Joy seems to like it too.

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