New Toy

Well, I did what I didn’t think I would do, at least not as soon as I did. I bought an iPad. Joy and I just went on vaca­tion (obvi­ous from the pic­tures in pre­vi­ous post eh?) and we thought that it would be some­thing good to have on the trip. Both Joy and i used it.

I do miss iOS4 on it and will be glad when that is final­ly released for the iPad. It turns out that it is actu­al­ly some of the lit­tle things that I miss. Folders, the email client (sin­gle Inbox) and a cou­ple oth­er minor things. I sup­pose I do miss the “mul­ti­task­ing” too although I do have a ten­den­cy to quit most of the apps that are run­ning in the back­ground on my iPhone.

Occasionally I wished I had gone ahead and paid the extra for the 3G ver­sion so I would have had the assist­ed gps but my iPhone took care of those needs. It would have been nice to have had a gps app on the iPad that worked but from what I have read it wouldn’t have worked well any way.

I do like the way the WordPress app works (it is with which I am writ­ing this). It is a lot eas­i­er to type on than the phone. Although the on screen key­board isn’t as easy to touch type on as a real key­board, I am get­ting used to it a bit. Kind of a four fin­ger typ­ing plus a thumb. But when doing some­thing as long as this, I am glad I have the Apple Wireless Keyboard (blue­tooth) which works great sit­ting here in my lap watch­ing TV.

I also like sev­er­al of the iPad spe­cif­ic apps that I have down­loaded. Apple Pages works rather nice. iSSH works ok although it cer­tain­ly is not my favorite way of doing ssh (the blue­tooth key­board for one is lim­it­ed, things like the meta keys, tab com­ple­tion, etc don’t work). And I could real­ly get used to the Kindle and iBook apps. I could actu­al­ly start read­ing books again since I can make the fonts big enough for me to read.

Anyhow, new toy is fun and Joy seems to like it too.

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