Starting Again

Well, I am start­ing my blog again.   Here is the oblig­a­tory first arti­cle to have some­thing here but I have to work on the look of the site first, so not much is going to go on here except some of my archived arti­cles which I have writ­ten over the ages (ok, since 1995 when I first start­ed writ­ing things for the web).

One thought on “Starting Again

  1. bill

    I am slow­ly work­ing on the look and just upgrad­ed to WP 2.5. I am cur­rent­ly look­ing at the sand­box theme as the basis for upgrad­ing the them this site is using right now — the theme I based this look on didn’t imple­ment some of the more up-to-date WordPress capa­bil­i­ties so I want to get those imple­ment­ed and Sandbox may let me do it eas­i­er.

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