I said I was still alive

It is ironic that not long after I write a post titled “Yes, I am Still Alive” I find myself in the hospital. I pinched a nerve in my neck. It was painful but not something that would send me to the hospital. On the other hand, it is believed one of the meds initially prescribed aggravated an existing ulcer or two or quite possibly created one or both. After a few days on that medication I found myself being driven to the emergency facility because I was puking “coffee grounds” like stuff, something common with a bleeding ulcer.

So here I lay after a couple days of poking, prodding, x-rays, MRIs and new meds. Tummy seems to be under control. We also have maybe a fuzzy definitive diagnosis as to the pain in my arm and hand. I am still waiting for the doctors to come to a final decision what to do and when they will let me out of here. Although they are giving me meds to help with the pain I am still going through periods of intense pain, especially when I get up and move around.

Anyone that has had to lay around in a hospital knows this is not a fun experience. However, the professionals here at Methodist Hospital in Omaha have been great. They seem to really care and want to see us taken care of to the best medical standards. I can say that I am really glad that if I had to be in a hospital I came here.

Well, as I was writing this, one of the doctors looking at my case came in and said they are going to try a new treatment in a couple minutes. Unfortunately I won’t know if it works for a couple days. So, will publish this now and in a couple days let you know how it worked.

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