I said I was still alive

It is iron­ic that not long after I write a post titled “Yes, I am Still Alive” I find myself in the hos­pi­tal. I pinched a nerve in my neck. It was painful but not some­thing that would send me to the hos­pi­tal. On the oth­er hand, it is believed one of the meds ini­tial­ly pre­scribed aggra­vat­ed an exist­ing ulcer or two or quite pos­si­bly cre­at­ed one or both. After a few days on that med­ica­tion I found myself being dri­ven to the emer­gency facil­i­ty because I was puk­ing “cof­fee grounds” like stuff, some­thing com­mon with a bleed­ing ulcer.

So here I lay after a cou­ple days of pok­ing, prod­ding, x-rays, MRIs and new meds. Tummy seems to be under con­trol. We also have maybe a fuzzy defin­i­tive diag­no­sis as to the pain in my arm and hand. I am still wait­ing for the doc­tors to come to a final deci­sion what to do and when they will let me out of here. Although they are giv­ing me meds to help with the pain I am still going through peri­ods of intense pain, espe­cial­ly when I get up and move around.

Anyone that has had to lay around in a hos­pi­tal knows this is not a fun expe­ri­ence. However, the pro­fes­sion­als here at Methodist Hospital in Omaha have been great. They seem to real­ly care and want to see us tak­en care of to the best med­ical stan­dards. I can say that I am real­ly glad that if I had to be in a hos­pi­tal I came here.

Well, as I was writ­ing this, one of the doc­tors look­ing at my case came in and said they are going to try a new treat­ment in a cou­ple min­utes. Unfortunately I won’t know if it works for a cou­ple days. So, will pub­lish this now and in a cou­ple days let you know how it worked.

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