Yes, I am still alive

I have not posted in a long time and actually have started feeling guilty about it. I shouldn’t feel guilty, rather concerned that I haven’t felt like I had anything to say, as if I am brain dead, but more like my brain hurts too much to think.My Brain Hurts In general, I have been putting most of my creative writing into Bible studies for Flatland Church. I have expanded my client base thanks to Joy and that is keeping me busy as well. My concerns over what CMS to use have not abated but have almost by default ended up sticking with WordPress simply because it does what I want and I don’t have to muck about much.

I plan on working a bit more on Drupal, but I keep getting frustrated with some of the little things it doesn’t address directly such as a WYSIWYG editor. Yeah, I have installed Drupal with no problems and included CKEditor but have yet to get a good install with an image manager such as IMCE. I have found a good distro of Drupal 7 which has pretty much everything I want and may just start with it and go forward from there.

I also have been evaluating several PHP frameworks including ZendFramework, Symfony, CakePHP and YII. Each has their advantages and drawbacks. Right now I am leaning to Symfony even though I am not particularly thrilled with its YAML leanings for configuration. *shrug* It is flexible enough that I could use pure php for configuration or a combo of both. I am planning on building a test site and see if any of them really meet my needs and likes.

I guess I should note that with the recent decision by the php devs to put php6 on the sidelines and go forward with php 5.3 as the main trunk, I have really stopped looking at other programming languages as well. Ruby really had me interested but I had too many problems trying to get the server to work right so even before the php devs decision, I had pretty much decided to stick with php.

I will be back….

… really.

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