Gluten-Free Flour Tortillas

I am gluten intol­er­ant (bad med­ical juju). Simply put that means I can’t eat any­thing with wheat, rye, or bar­ley in it in any form or I get real sick. Oats them­selves are prob­a­bly ok, but because many oats are processed on the same equip­ment as wheat, it is not usu­al­ly safe for me. That means no Chicago piz­za, no great pas­ta, no Wheaties, no bur­ri­tos, no bread of any kind (except gluten-free — most are yuck). I can’t even take com­mu­nion at church. I have real­ly missed being able to use flour tor­tillas and this is a good solu­tion.

My wife has to suf­fer by eat­ing a lot of my meals even though she isn’t gluten intol­er­ant. So last night, I tried to make my own flour tor­tillas. I was sur­prised. They were not the nice soft flour tor­tillas we all love but they were pret­ty good, how­beit, some­what thick and stiff. I picked up the basic idea for the recipe on the Net of course and used what I had around the house to make em. Here is the recipe that I used:

2 cups of All-pur­pose Gluten-free flour (from Bob’s Red Mill this time but usu­al­ly I make my own)
2 t of xan­than gum
1 t of bak­ing pow­der
2 t of sug­ar
1 t of salt
2 T of short­en­ing
34 to 1 C of water

  1. Heat a skil­let or grid­dle or some­thing flat that gets nice and hot
  2. Throw all the dry ingre­di­ents into a KitchenAid with the heavy duty blade and mixed em well
  3. Add the short­en­ing and mix very well — oh, I sup­pose you could have done this with a pie crust knife thingie to get that pea size mix­ture or a food proces­sor would have been good too
  4. On high, slow­ly add the water until it sticks togeth­er well and forms a ball
  5. Once mixed, break off large egg sized pieces and smash ‘em flat — I used two pieces of parch­ment paper and a rolling pin — a tor­tilla press would have made this real easy — I made like 6 rec­tan­gu­lar tor­tillas with the rolling pin — I am guess­ing a tor­tilla press would have been able to make 8 or so and have been a lot eas­i­er
  6. Make em all, with wax paper between each one — Ok, in real­i­ty I made one threw it in the skil­let and while it cooked, flat­ten the next one — time saver!
  7. Cook each one on the grid­dle until it get all bub­bly and brown on bot­tom, flip it and cook the oth­er side — this doesn’t take a lot of time depend­ing on how thick you made them
  8. Use em as you like — some put wax paper between each, and into some kind of con­tain­er (or some go so far as to get a one trick pony tor­tilla keep­er — see Alton Brown for my opin­ion on on trick ponies)

I used these for a great enchi­la­da dish I make — it is based on a recipe I found on allrecipes.com. Look for Chicken Enchiladas Suizas.

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  1. bill Post author

    Quick fol­lowup — I used this recipe for a piz­za crust. I added a touch of gar­lic pow­der and red pep­per flakes for some fla­vor. I rolled it out thin on a piz­za stone, baked it for 10 min before putting the ingre­di­ents on the crust and it came out pret­ty good. Unlike many gluten-free piz­za crusts that I have tried which seem to get in the way, this one allows the piz­za stuff shine through.

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