If we were to flash forward 6 months and see where you would be at that point would you be happy if nothing changes? If you could affect where you will be instead, what would you you do? And why aren’t you? That is in essence what our sermon series is all about.

Our future isn’t always pretty. In fact the Bible is pretty clear that we can face a lot of challenges from the world when we follow Christ. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Ungodly people will challenge us to follow their ways. And some will persecute us for our beliefs. 2 Tim 3:12-13 We will be persecuted, it isn’t a matter of if but a matter of when.

2 Tim 3:14-17 Continue in what we have started. We can because God has breathed His Word to equip us. Equip that we can confident, good examples, fullfilled at work, be at peace and more. Our vision of the future is to aquire stuff, God’s vision is different. He wants us to bear fruit, to have peace, to know love, to be courageous–all the intrinsic things.

How does that happen? We need God to be fueling us. We need brain foods. The Scriptures provide us teaching and rebuking. Rebuking as in don’t go over that bridge, it has collapsed. It provides us with power food as well.

We can know the Bible inside and out and not let it affect us — belemic bible reading. We need to pray (P.R.A.Y.) the scripture. Praise God. See in scripture who God is and praise Him. Repentance, allow God’s Word to rebuke us to the point of confessing our sin. Ask, ask for power to live the Christ centered life. Yield to what God wants to teach and do in our lives.

When we pray the scripture, we will ask for the right things, God’s will.

We don’t really know what will come our way in reality six months from now. But when we rely on God, we know everything will be taken care of.

What God wants is that we are fully equipped that when the world around us is collapsing we are a stronghold for God.

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