Year in Review

Sunday’s sermon was a year in review of the last year’s sermon series and a preview of next year. I had been kind of thinking along the same lines for this post even before hearing the sermon so here goes, a year in review.

I tried to commit myself to several things and well, I haven’t done all that well in some areas and have done ok in others. I have done ok as a “house husband” and doing web development and server maintenance for clients. I was doing pretty good for a while with regards to trying to take care of my health although towards the end of the year I have really struggled not having health issues.

I have really done a lousy job in keeping up on this blog. I don’t know if I ever said it out loud but I really wanted to post at least twice a week.  I am gonna try real hard to achieve two postings a week average next year.

But where I have really fallen off the wagon is the one area that I wanted to be really consistent. I am part of the research team at Flatland Church. As my health fell apart so did my focus on the research team. This is one area that I have to improve on seriously now. First of all, this is a ministry that I believe God has prepared me to do. It is a way to participate in the “life” of Flatland Church even though it is primarily an invisible ministry. It is my prayer that God will give me the health to recommit myself fully to this ministry and/or whatever other ministry He may want me to do to give to the church.

Finally, one thing that I wanted to do during 2008 was get back into photography and my camera has sat idle way too much. In fact, I don’t believe I have taken a picture with it since late spring.  I listen to several photography podcasts and a couple of them have assignments, “Take a picture with this theme.” I am going to try to do these assignments – get out of my cave – and I will post the best of these pictures on this blog. I would look forward to any comments people might have regarding these photos. And no, the snapshots I am taking with my iPhone during Sunday services do not count.

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