One World One Dream: Leadership

Leaders often have rather memorable sayings. In fact, all too often, we choose a leader purely on their charismatic personalities and not on what they are actually saying. But we need to choose leaders on who they are, what they say, and what they believe. This is the message we received in Sunday’s sermon. It was an important message we need to hear. But, silly me, my mind wandered and I actually got convicted about something totally different.

First, my sermon notes:

What qualities do we look for in a leader? Which are the most important? What kind of leader are we going to be (am I going to be)?

Leaders can fail us terribly. Matt 24:4 there are going to be a lot of false leaders out there.

The “super apostles” at Corinth were not only teaching false doctrine but they were also taking advantage of the Corinthians.

How can we keep from being deceived?

  • Godly rely on the power of God and let God get all the glory.
  • Worldly fake it that they get the glory.
  • For when I am weak, I am strong.
  • Follow leaders who spend their lives for us. False leaders ask for us to give up all and give it to them.
  • Follow leaders that challenge us. False leaders will tell us what we want to hear. God wants us to think and not for leaders to tell us how to think.

Now, I am not sure exactly when Pastor Bart mentioned that the next sermon series he is going to preach is going to be on time management but he did. And that got my mind to wander, especially during the worship time. Let me explain.

Worship time is the time to connect to God and ask Him to apply what we heard from the pulpit to our hearts and lives. It is what I do, ask God to touch me. And that is exactly what He did. Since I am spending time co-authoring the┬ádevotional materials that the Flatland Research Team is putting up on Flatland Church’s website, I have already worked through what the pastor is now preaching on Sunday during my study for the Research Team. Apparently, God knew I have been struggling with time management and made sure Pastor Bart said something so I would wake up and focus on what God wanted to say to me.

God I believe spoke to me to better manage my time. I have been neglecting what He would want me to do because I have not really been feeling well. Paul in 2 Corinthians, especially in chapters 11 and 12 really goes off, talking about all the problems he had to face. He really went through all kinds of problems, external and within. Yet he was still focused on doing what God called him to do. And so, God is saying to me, “Get back to the time plan I want you on.”

So, I am gonna make this public. It will help me to be accountable. These are my goals on a daily basis.
  • 1 hour for physical well being, i.e., get to the exercise facilities and get my health under better control. This includes time to get there and back as well as taking a shower etc.
  • 1 hour for personal Bible reading, study, and prayer
  • 2-4 hours for various ministry outlets: Flatland Research Team, this website, small groups, and for 6 more weeks New Testament Survey.
  • 2 hours to work around the house – I am a “house husband” and this in and of itself can be a ministry to my wonderful wife.
  • 2-4 hours to do web development for clients when needed

We shall see. I have exercised today. I have spent time in the Bible, writing for the Research Team and on this website, I have cooked lunch for my wife who is home sick and as soon as I post this, will do some work for my clients. One day down, the rest of my life to go,

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