Chasing Time: Priorities

What is the top pri­or­i­ty in time man­age­ment? This is the ques­tion that our pas­tor asked us Sunday. The answers the world gives are sig­nif­i­cant­ly dif­fer­ent than what the Bible tells us. But first the ser­mon notes.

According to Ecclesiastes

  1. Contentment is the key pri­or­i­ty to time man­age­ment — The Teacher chased every­thing but noth­ing had mean­ing. By being con­tent in what we do, we achieve much more instead of chas­ing after what we don’t have.
  2. Contentment is not achieved — it is not some­thing we can chase. There is no “I will be con­tent when.…” Contentment has noth­ing to do with what might hap­pen tomor­row. It is a state of being.
  3. Contentment is a gift from God.

We chase time when we are

  • Bored
  • Confused
  • Rushed
  • Failing

But God brings an end to bore­dom, con­fu­sion, being rushed, and fail­ure.

TimeI guess I kept wait­ing for Pastor Bart to quote Paul in Phillipians 4:11–13, “for I have learned how to be con­tent with what­ev­er I have.… For I can do every­thing through Christ, who gives me strength.” To me this is an inter­est­ing per­spec­tive. Now, it isn’t speak­ing direct­ly to time man­age­ment but in some ways, our chas­ing time is in the end a chas­ing of stuff. We are not con­tent with what we have, rather, we are always chas­ing after the next best thing.

Automobiles, com­put­ers, con­sumer elec­tron­ics, etc., those busi­ness­es rely on us always want­i­ng the next great thing. When I was grow­ing up, one knew that you had arrived when you got a new car at least once every three years. Car deal­ers relied on that kind of cycle. I kind of laugh to think that Joy and I dri­ve cars that are at least 10 years old. How embar­rass­ing one could think. But to be con­tent with the cars we have now leads us to not chas­ing after that shiny new debt.

The same can be said regard­ing my Macintosh. As much as I would love to have a new one so I could use all the shiny new soft­ware, I am con­tent with my old G5 since it does all that I need it to do right now. I could chase after a new one, work­ing my tail off to get the mon­ey to buy it and miss out on what God might desire me to do.

By being con­tent with what we have, we open our­selves up to what God would have us do instead of chas­ing time to get what we want to do and get. Chasing after God brings the con­tent­ment that we desire. By mak­ing God our top pri­or­i­ty, con­tent­ment, the top pri­or­i­ty in time man­age­ment is achieved.

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