WordPress and PostgreSQL (part 2)

Well, after a long thought I have decid­ed to stick with WordPressexternal_link for the time being which means I won’t be mov­ing every­thing over to PostgreSQL. I still have the same moti­va­tion for mov­ing to PostgreSQLexternal_link that I had before but I am just com­fort­able for the time being with WordPress.

I plan on work­ing on a whole new theme for the blog, get­ting it updat­ed to the cur­rent WordPress way of doing things for themes. I would like to get to a clean­er look. I will prob­a­bly play with a bunch of dif­fer­ent col­or schemes, lay­outs, and what I want to include and delete from the cur­rent lay­out.

I will still play with Drupal, learn it and get real­ly good at it. Eventually I may just move every­thing to it but not imme­di­ate­ly. I think that keep­ing good with WordPress for sim­ple web­sites and get­ting good at Drupal for com­plex web­sites will be the smart thing. Quite frankly, for me, WordPress is best for those that don’t care about a lot of cus­tom work except for the theme itself. As such, themes in WP will be my focus for WP. Drupal, I will have to expand my exper­tise to include a lot of cus­tom work as well as themes.

The oth­er thing I may play with is replac­ing MySQL with MariaDBexternal_link since it is sup­pose to be a drop in replace­ment for MySQL. I don’t know why oth­er than my total dis­trust of Oracle but if I can switch with­out prob­lems, I will. It looks like Gentoo Linuxexternal_link has an ebuild for it now so it seems to be a good option.

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