WordPress and PostgreSQL (part 2)

Well, after a long thought I have decided to stick with WordPressexternal_link for the time being which means I won’t be moving everything over to PostgreSQL. I still have the same motivation for moving to PostgreSQLexternal_link that I had before but I am just comfortable for the time being with WordPress.

I plan on working on a whole new theme for the blog, getting it updated to the current WordPress way of doing things for themes. I would like to get to a cleaner look. I will probably play with a bunch of different color schemes, layouts, and what I want to include and delete from the current layout.

I will still play with Drupal, learn it and get really good at it. Eventually I may just move everything to it but not immediately. I think that keeping good with WordPress for simple websites and getting good at Drupal for complex websites will be the smart thing. Quite frankly, for me, WordPress is best for those that don’t care about a lot of custom work except for the theme itself. As such, themes in WP will be my focus for WP. Drupal, I will have to expand my expertise to include a lot of custom work as well as themes.

The other thing I may play with is replacing MySQL with MariaDBexternal_link since it is suppose to be a drop in replacement for MySQL. I don’t know why other than my total distrust of Oracle but if I can switch without problems, I will. It looks like Gentoo Linuxexternal_link has an ebuild for it now so it seems to be a good option.

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