Review: WordPress for iPhone

I am writ­ing this review on my iPhone using the free WordPress app. Athough it cer­tain­ly will not become my pri­ma­ry post­ing plat­form, I can see me using it more often than I ini­tial­ly thought before down­load­ing it. With this I will be able to post to the blog while sit­ting out on the patio or in my easy chair.

The app has one pri­ma­ry pur­pose, to write and edit posts on a WordPress blog. Allthough I can see my posts, they are viewed in edit mode. It is not a blog read­er as such, but with Safari on the iPhone, that would be rather redun­dant. It does not have any way to man­age a site or view com­ments. It real­ly is a one trick pony.

This app allows one to spec­i­fy cat­e­gories and tag the post. You can save a local draft of your post or save it as a draft on your serv­er as well as save it for review, make pri­vate or pub­lish it. The actu­al edi­tor is a raw edi­tor, not a wysi­wyg edi­tor but you can insert html to do some of the styling such as this or the link to WordPress ear­li­er, pro­vid­ed you know html.

You can also insert pho­tos either from a pho­to roll on the iPhone or take one right then and there. Unfortunately, the pho­to gets apend­ed to the end of the post so you may have to clean it up a bit lat­er if you want it else­where. If the iPhone had cut n paste, you could also eas­i­ly move the image html to where you would want it.

My only com­plaint is a small one. I do wish that it could rotate to the hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion and uti­lize the slight­ly larg­er key­board. I am prob­a­bly one of the few peo­ple in the world who can use the iPhone key­board eas­i­er than a real key­board on a smart phone. For what­ev­er rea­son, I find the key­boards on devices such as the Blackberry very hard to use but the iPhone key­board easy. However, I do pre­fer the land­scape posi­tion for typ­ing bet­ter. I keep won­der­ing if Apple still has prob­lems with land­scape mode and text edit­ing.

Like all the iPhone apps, I have expe­ri­enced a few crash­es of this app. I still have a hunch that we are going to see an update to the iPhone that will make a lot of these crash­es mys­te­ri­ous­ly go away.

This is the right app for peo­ple that want to have the option to post to or edit their blog on the go.

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