Review: WordPress for iPhone

I am writing this review on my iPhone using the free WordPress app. Athough it certainly will not become my primary posting platform, I can see me using it more often than I initially thought before downloading it. With this I will be able to post to the blog while sitting out on the patio or in my easy chair.

The app has one primary purpose, to write and edit posts on a WordPress blog. Allthough I can see my posts, they are viewed in edit mode. It is not a blog reader as such, but with Safari on the iPhone, that would be rather redundant. It does not have any way to manage a site or view comments. It really is a one trick pony.

This app allows one to specify categories and tag the post. You can save a local draft of your post or save it as a draft on your server as well as save it for review, make private or publish it. The actual editor is a raw editor, not a wysiwyg editor but you can insert html to do some of the styling such as this or the link to WordPress earlier, provided you know html.

You can also insert photos either from a photo roll on the iPhone or take one right then and there. Unfortunately, the photo gets apended to the end of the post so you may have to clean it up a bit later if you want it elsewhere. If the iPhone had cut n paste, you could also easily move the image html to where you would want it.

My only complaint is a small one. I do wish that it could rotate to the horizontal position and utilize the slightly larger keyboard. I am probably one of the few people in the world who can use the iPhone keyboard easier than a real keyboard on a smart phone. For whatever reason, I find the keyboards on devices such as the Blackberry very hard to use but the iPhone keyboard easy. However, I do prefer the landscape position for typing better. I keep wondering if Apple still has problems with landscape mode and text editing.

Like all the iPhone apps, I have experienced a few crashes of this app. I still have a hunch that we are going to see an update to the iPhone that will make a lot of these crashes mysteriously go away.

This is the right app for people that want to have the option to post to or edit their blog on the go.

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