From the Treasure Chest

Looking through some old photos, actually, the negatives which I am scanning into digital form, I found a couple pictures that I found I like, although the negatives are obviously starting to break down. Many of the negatives I am trying to scan are close to lost unfortunately. I am gonna try to take a look at a bunch and post them as I find ones I like.

First, a somewhat dramatic picture of a  niece. I will be nice and not post a rather embarrassing one.

And now, one that I have no idea where I was or really when I took the picture. But again, it has some dramatic look, whether it is from the actual time/location or just the aging of the negative. [edit] Joy thinks it could be  either Lake Michigan, when we were on a vacation there or maybe Lake Powell at sunset causing the weird red and brown colors.

Wonder where I was for this?

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