Bill in the Tetons

Joy seems to always take good pic­tures. I need to grab some of her pic­tures from her iPhone to show them. She took some nice shots. Anyway, here is her pic­ture of me up on top. Compare to the ear­li­er shot that I took as a com­par­i­son.

You might not see it in the pic­ture but the wind was quite fast up on top. It was also like rather cool up there. I had to hold on to my hat despite it hav­ing a good leather string to keep it on. And yes, that is quite the paunch there. One of the meds I have been tak­ing is caus­ing me to gain weight. I hope that maybe with­in anoth­er 30 days I can get off of it so I can start loos­ing weight again.

Joy takes bet­ter pic­tures than I do

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