Its one of those days

Its one of those days. I woke up feel­ing lousy, not look­ing for­ward to the stress echocar­dio­gram I have to take this after­noon. The test is to make sure my chest pains are not heart relat­ed but rather esophageal issues known I guess as Achalasiaexternal_link. The chest pain has been rather sev­er the past week or so but the doc­tor says that if it was heart relat­ed, I would prob­a­bly be dead by now. And so, feel­ing lousy I pull a fast one on myself and decide to do some­thing con­struc­tive instead of sulk­ing.

I want to get my mail serv­er work­ing prop­er­ly for SASL authen­ti­ca­tion and get a web mail client work­ing with it as well. I pulled out OmniFocusexternal_link to get my thoughts orga­nized which is a good thing, start­ed putting things down and real­ized, there are a lot of things I would like to do. Not only do I want to get the mail serv­er up to snuff but I real­ly want to get my web sites going again. Which of course gets me side­tracked into writ­ing this post.

I real­ly want to get good at Drupalexternal_link. I believe of the CMS’s I have used, it is the best fit for the way I work and think. Oh, I real­ly like WordPressexternal_link for blog­ging and it works well as an easy web site build­ing tool. But for heavy duty web site build­ing, Drupal is a good frame­work to hang stuff off… not that it is easy to work with as a web site devel­op­er per se, but for the way I think, it works well. I have as a goal to build a Drupal 7 web site now includ­ing at  least one cus­tom mod­ule and cus­tom theme. Drupal 7 is still in devel­op­ment but I want to be able to imple­ment a live site with it once it is sta­ble and secure. So, I need to get real good at Drupal 7 now.

I believe I will stick with WordPress for this blog and so want to also devel­op a whole new theme, one that is more com­pat­i­ble with WordPress 2.9.x. I may make the move to the cur­rent fad of a clean, lean look although I am not always sure I real­ly want to.  I will have to play around and see what I real­ly like.

But I guess my num­ber one goal for the next few months is to get healthy. I need to loose about 4o pounds, reduc­ing the amount of pop/soda/cola/carbonated bev­er­ages that I drink, eat sen­si­bly, and exer­cise more reg­u­lar­ly. Now, 40 pounds will be a long term goal, can’t go loos­ing it too fast by doing stu­pid things and real­ly make myself sick. I have an iPhone app that will help me keep track of my progress. I have used it over the past few months but not reg­u­lar­ly. It has me loos­ing 2 lbs a week. I have also down­loaded a WeightWatchers iPhone app but not sure how good it will be, there are some real bad reviews regard­ing it.

I did well when Joy was on Weight Watchers and I like the con­cept of count­ing points instead of calo­ries for some rea­son, it seems more sen­si­ble. Counting calo­ries, well, I could drink like 10 Cokes a day and be well under my calo­rie count but it wouldn’t be healthy. It is healthy eat­ing that is impor­tant.

Anyway, its one of those days. I actu­al­ly am ambi­tious and not sure why. But if I can main­tain even a bit of that ambi­tion, I will be hap­py.

[Update] I did get SASL authen­ti­ca­tion work­ing, excel­lent.

[Update 2] Got a web mail to work too

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