Added Disqus for Better Comments

After listening to the latest Net@Night podcast #53 by Amber MacArther and Leo Laporte I decided to investigate and then implement the commenting system from Disqus (pronouced like discuss). This will do a couple things which I believe will benefit this site and those on it who wish to make comments. I am looking for multiple ways to make this site better so that eventually, people will actually start visiting it regularly.

To quote from their website, “Disqus enables bloggers to make the conversations on their blogs more interactive and manageable. Our distributed comment system connects readers across blog communities, while empowering publishers in promoting their content.”

Disqus allows easier posting of comments. You will be allowed to post a comment annonymously. I will still moderate all comments, that is, I will read them before making them public. If you have a Disqus account and have a good reputation, I suspect many of your comments will end up being approved without even a moderator reading it.

Disqus will also allow for threaded comments. Something I think will be very nice once this site gets some traffic. Sometimes it is very hard to follow what is going on in a heavily commented post. By threading, you should be able to follow what people are saying better.

Disqus will allow comments to be made on the go – email and mobile comments.  Not sure how this will work. I am a touch worried about spammers but according to Leo, he hasn’t seen any on his blog since it implemented Disqus.

Disqus allows for rating comments. This allows those active in the commenting world to promote others who are good and punish the flammers and trolls. This ends up providing some self-moderation among the commentors.

I am not sure about this but it hit me while talking to a friend who recently had his Joomla based site defaced. With the comments being saved on Disqus, I am wondering if defacement becomes less likely. That is, comments posted with nasties will get sent to Disqus and not my server. As such, the hacking code stays away from this site. Something I should ask the guys at Disqus about.

Once you see the benefits of Disqus as a commentor, you may want encourage all blogs to have it since it allow you to see what you have commented on every blog that uses it. You can even have an RSS feed of your comments so others can follow what you are saying on all the different blogs you read and comment on.


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