Gluten-free Thanks

Eating gluten free isn’t easy all the time but it cer­tain­ly has become eas­i­er than when I was first diag­nosed with gluten intoller­ance. no-glutenSome restau­rants are pro­vid­ing both gluten-free menus and more impor­tant­ly the kitchen prac­tices which are more like­ly to pre­vent cross con­t­a­m­i­na­tion. Big chain gro­cery stores are pro­vid­ing entire sec­tions to gluten-free ingre­di­ents and prod­ucts. I espe­cial­ly appre­ci­ate our local Hy-Vee stores which have a good selec­tion of prod­ucts at rea­son­able prices.

I recent­ly was at the Hy-Vee here in Omaha, NE at Fort and 108th and met one of the fine folks that make deci­sions regard­ing what they stock. She was friend­ly and seemed con­cerned that the store have what we need. She was even eval­u­at­ing new prod­ucts.

I just want to thank her and Hy-Vee in gen­er­al for help­ing those of us who have to deal with this some­times mad­den­ing afflic­tion.

I rec­og­nize that the gluten-free prod­ucts will not be best sell­ers. Providing them to us is going the extra mile. I encour­age you to con­tin­ue. Hy-Vee is now the gro­cery store I go to first for every­thing includ­ing meats, dairy, and fresh pro­duce because of your sup­port of gluten intoller­ant peo­ple like me (you also have great sales and in gen­er­al good prices so that is a bonus).

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