Supernatual Strongholds

Supernatural strongholds that Satan builds and the slushballs that he throws at us. The enemy wants to knock us down and block us from having a relationship with God by building strongholds in our lives . John 10:10 and 2 Cor 10:3-5

A stronghold is a lie. When we believe the lie and act out on the lie Satan builds up a stronghold in our lives.

There are many sources of these lies (all coming from Satan). Sometimes it is just a thought that pops into our mind.

It comes from people in the world. Lies can come from friends and family. Lies can come from even our Church leaders.

Examples of lies. God doesn’t exist. God doesn’t love me. We have messed up Gods plan for our lives so why change. Suffering is bad and must be avoided at all costs. If we suffer we must have done something wrong. (for the truth see James 1:2-4, Heb 12:7-11, Rom 8:18) If I am good enough I will go to heaven.

When we believe the lies we don’t live the way God would have us live.

Eph 6:10-18. These are our weapons against the strongholds of the evil one. Spiritual disciplines are our weapons against the lies of Satan.

With every new defense a new weapon is also developed. Sometimes we face Satan with spit balls and BB guns instead of the best weapons, spiritual weapons that God provides us through His Spirit.

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So how do we demolish the strongholds? Take captive of every thought.

We have to recognize the strongholds in our life. Stress, anger, anxiety, fear, and depression are key signs of living the lie of Satan.

Knock down the strongholds with God’s truth. As we hold on to God’s truth we will knock down those strongholds that Satan would build against us.

It all starts with confessing Jesus is Lord of our lives. The one stronghold we should have is Christ Jesus.

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