One World, One Dream: Our Finances

Sunday’s sermon focused on 2 Corinthians 8-9 which looks at our finances and giving to God. We were challenged to trust God with our finances and excel in giving. This is one of the most difficult challenges many Christians face. It is easier to give up a lot of different sins as opposed to trusting God through giving of our finances back to Him.

Sundays Sermon Highlights:

Worldly view points:

  • My money is mine
  • My money is for me
  • If I had more I might donate.
  • Give only when I see a real need.

The average American gives only 2% in donations.

  • Where did all your money go?
  • Are we living according to the world or according to God’s principles?
  • Is money slipping through our fingers like sand?
  • We care most for those things in which we have invested.
  • God’s dream requires our finances. Money is only bad when it begins to drive us instead of God’s dream driving us which require funds.

Main sermon points:

  1. 2 Cor 8:5 God wants us to trust Him first. It is from Him that we receive all things. We must put God first with our finances.
  2. God wants us to excel in our giving just as we attempt to excel in all of our other areas of life. Listen to God and obey! Trust Him. :It is better to give than to receive” is more than just a saying.
  3. God wants us to give out of what we have not what we don’t have. No brownie points for giving. Don’t over give, give what God has asked us to give. There should be some sort of equality-tithing is God’s mechanism.
  4. By tithing we all share equally in the ministry of the church. We can not afford not to tithe.

Tithing is a way of life. When we trust God, we can freely give Him back a portion of that which He has given us.  I would challenge you to read Proverbs 3:5-12. This is a passage all about trust. We are challenged in it to trust God with our lives, our plans, our work, our health, our finances, and even in discipline. Ask yourself “In what ways is God asking me to trust Him?”

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