Living Life as an Alien and Stranger

I have been think­ing about a cou­ple Sunday’s ago ser­mon, one aspect of it any­way. When we believe that we in fact are aliens and strangers in this world, we need to act accord­ing­ly.

The pas­sage in Hebrews 11 [show]ERROR: The IP key is no longer sup­port­ed. Please use your access key, the test­ing key ‘TEST
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that popped out at me was that they believed and lived as if they had already received God’s promis­es even though the real­iza­tion of that full­fil­ment would only hap­pen after they were dead.

I and many who love me keep ask­ing why I con­tin­ue to strug­gle with poor health. Shouldn’t God heal me? Well, the whole point is, God heals and has already through His Son. I will live as if I have already received the promise even though the real­iza­tion of that full­fil­ment may only hap­pen at the res­ur­rec­tion.

That isn’t to say I will stop tak­ing my Meds or that all my symp­toms will dis­ap­pear or deny they exist. This isn’t a ploy to trick God into heal­ing me now. Rather it is a mat­ter of faith and focus for my life.

I can allow my poor health affect me neg­a­tive­ly, mope around, whim­per and whine, be dep­resed. I can let ill­ness stop me, loose faith and loose focus on God.

Or, I can live life to God’s glo­ry and hon­or. I can look for and do what­ev­er He has called me to do because I know that He will enable me to do what­ev­er He sets me to do. I may not be able to do every­thing I want or the way I think I should but that is only tem­po­rary. For eter­ni­ty I will be whole.

To per­sue health instead of per­su­ing God is wrong. To per­sue God know­ing that He has already tak­en care of my health is right even when this world and this tem­po­rary body would try to say oth­er­wise.

(wrote this all on my iPhone so there may very well be some typos, will even­tu­al­ly come back and get them fixed)

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