Living Life as an Alien and Stranger

I have been thinking about a couple Sunday’s ago sermon, one aspect of it anyway. When we believe that we in fact are aliens and strangers in this world, we need to act accordingly.

The passage in Hebrews 11 that popped out at me was that they believed and lived as if they had already received God’s promises even though the realization of that fullfilment would only happen after they were dead.

I and many who love me keep asking why I continue to struggle with poor health. Shouldn’t God heal me? Well, the whole point is, God heals and has already through His Son. I will live as if I have already received the promise even though the realization of that fullfilment may only happen at the resurrection.

That isn’t to say I will stop taking my Meds or that all my symptoms will disappear or deny they exist. This isn’t a ploy to trick God into healing me now. Rather it is a matter of faith and focus for my life.

I can allow my poor health affect me negatively, mope around, whimper and whine, be depresed. I can let illness stop me, loose faith and loose focus on God.

Or, I can live life to God’s glory and honor. I can look for and do whatever He has called me to do because I know that He will enable me to do whatever He sets me to do. I may not be able to do everything I want or the way I think I should but that is only temporary. For eternity I will be whole.

To persue health instead of persuing God is wrong. To persue God knowing that He has already taken care of my health is right even when this world and this temporary body would try to say otherwise.

(wrote this all on my iPhone so there may very well be some typos, will eventually come back and get them fixed)

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