I Am the Resurrection and the Life: John 11

Confession. I walked away from church Sunday with a shrug. I know Pastor Bart tried to challenge me. I know that our small group after church which talks about the sermon also was trying to challenge me. Maybe I was challenged and it is just going to take some time to percolate then I will be whacked across the head with it later. This isn’t to say the sermon was bad, it was a good sermon. The discussion afterwards was excellent. I guess my problem is that it started out with the question, “What would you do if you were willing to take a big risk?”  I don’t have an answer. I am not sure I can think of anything risky (other than something blatantly suicidal). 

Ok. First the sermon. Pastor Bart showed us in this passage that Jesus was challenging us to let Him take us to places where we have been afraid to go. We need to stop being comfortable with comfort. Don’t settle for mediocrity. To do this:

  1. Believe in Jesus’ deity – He can do all things. With this belief, our fears are dissipated. If belief in God, and Jesus’ deity are an issue for you, Pastor suggested two books, The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel and Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell.
  2. Believe in His Authority – Jesus can do whatever He wants and He wants to do what is best for us! Because He has authority over all, we can take risks for God because as we are in His will, He will protect us from the evil one. 
  3. Believe in Jesus’ Victory – Bad things happen no matter how safe you try to play it. Jesus says, “Go for it!” I am with you. We will win together because I have already won it for you. Don’t let the “What if something goes bad” keep us from Jesus’ victory.

Good stuff. I agree. Uhm… ok.  

Need a bop on the head

There is one thing that Pastor said that is brewing in me, don’t settle for mediocrity. I must confess again, I am comfortable right now in being mediocre. Do I see a big hammer coming down and bonking me on the head?

I guess it is time for me to take some time, listen to what God would tell me, seek where He would have me go. Of course, I hope that He has already led me there but I know better. A good shepherd (last week’s sermon) doesn’t leave his sheep in one place for too long because the sheep destroy the pasture otherwise.

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  1. mreveal

    I have struggled with “feeling” mediocre my whole life. I have never been the best at anything and I don’t think I have ever really tried to be. If I am understanding this correctly, that is not what God wants for me. He wants me to strive for big things and believe that He will help me get there.

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