Flatland/Pics: We Are the Water

Although this sermon was pointedly focused on those of us who are part of Flatland Church the basic message is still valid for all Christians. Unfortunately, I pretty much lost all my notes that I took Sunday. Fortunately, you can listen to the podcast at flatlandchurch.com Pastor Jeff taught us from Isaiah 54:2-3, Gal 4, Act 1:8 that we need to take on God’s desire to see the lost saved, that we need to be the refreshing water  on the dry land of the world. Here are my extremely abbreviated sermon notes, all that I managed to save.

  • God is obsessed with growing His church
  • God has no boundaries, He doesn’t limit where He brings salvation
  • God is agressive, don’t hold back.
  • God cares about the next generation
  • God wants both cohesion and adhesion

As I look at those notes, I think they say it all except maybe the cohesion and adhesion part. We have before us a call, a call to to bring refreshing to people in need, seek the lost, to preach the Good News, and to love people no matter where they are or who they may be. We are God’s hands, feet and voice. God has commissioned us to fulfill His work. As Nike says, “Just Do It!”

Let me explain what Pastor Jeff meant by “God wants both cohesion and adhesion.”

  • Water has a cohesion factor in which water droplets want and even seek other water droplets that they may be together. We as a church must  seek one another out to help each other, to support each other etc.
  • Water has however an even stronger factor called adhesion which causes water to stick to whatever it touches so that it spreads out as well. We as a church also must be “sticky” in the world, that the world may be changed by the message of the cross. In other words, we can’t just stay comfortable with each other but we must also go out and bring refreshment to the world.
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