Escape from Gilligan’s Island: A Good Game Plan

We photo have been exploring at church the question of what we should do when we feel stranded in life much as the castaways were on Gilligan’s Island. Pastors Bart and Jeff have led us to the point in this sermon series where we have been rescued by God. The question is “and now what?” God has a plan.

Here is the basic outline of Sunday’s sermon. Be sure to download the full sermon on Flatland’s website or get it on iTunes.

  1. God wants us to live a life centered around Him. Before Christ it was all about ritual. Now it is all about relationship with God that transforms our lives.
  2. God wants us to live a life committed to His service. Christ is our high priest and we serve as a people of priests See Rev 1:6. We are to share the Good News. To serve one another. God doesn’t want us to play for his arch rival (a la Favre going to a team like the Vikings). Matt 12:30
  3. God wants us to live a life that is made holy by God, to wear his uniform. Consecration is key! By faith we can be holy. Hebrews 9:11-14

Our challenge is to follow God’s game plan for our lives once we get off the island so we don’t find ourselves back on another one. I sort of thought that the sermon outline was backwards. For me, I need to continually consecrate my life to God and by God in order to keep my life centered around God and to be committed to His service. But that may just be me.

Actually, all three points must work in conjunction with each other. There really isn’t a do this, then this, then this. It is a game plan to do all three at the same time. And that is the challenge we have been given by Pastor and one that I desire to follow.

The picture in this article was taken by my iPhone so it isn’t the greatest. On the left you can see the bamboo hut and the termite mound kind of hidden behind the mic stand on the left as well. Palm trees, some very colorful flowers (very similar to what you see on Gilligan’s Island) and a grass skirt around the keyboard round out the decorations.

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