Chasing Time: Our Passions

Ok, so I am way behind. This should have been posted last week but last week was … well, I don’t remember. I haven’t been feeling well so my passions have been set to a very low level. But our passions is what the sermon was all about. It reminded me once again that our passion must be first and foremost for building a relationship with God. From that relationship, all our other passions will flow.

And now, my sermon notes as taken using the WordPress app on my iPhone:

Body, soul, spirit–each have their own passions. Which passions are we chasing? Passions of the body and soul are often contrary to the spirit. Galatians 5:16-17. They cause conflict within ourselves.

Where are you spending most of your time? This normally indicates where our passions are. Spirit must rule over the soul, soul must rule over the flesh. God must rule over them all.

Number one passion: love God

Number two passion: love others

We need to protect our passion for God. When we allow even a little sin in, it is like a dead fly in a bottle of perfume (Ecclesiastes 10:1). We must be a godly example so that others will also be drawn to Christ.

Galatians 5:24 (and following).

Attune our ears to hear God’s voice over all other screams of our passions.

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